GekkoBot FAQ

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Do I have to pay to use GekkoBot?

GekkoBot is a brand new Premium feature that falls under Gekko's Premium subscription. As a Gekko Premium user, you don't have to pay extra to use GekkoBot. You can ask as many questions as you want, so please do!

GekkoBot is unfortunately limited in use for Gekko Basic users. Consider upgrading to Gekko Premium to get unlimited access to GekkoBot.

Can GekkoBot see my Gekko account?

No, GekkoBot does not have access to your Gekko account. Also, no information from your Gekko account will be forwarded to GekkoBot. Specific questions about your Gekko account can therefore not be answered by GekkoBot, even if GekkoBot tries to.

Gekko will never share your information and data with third parties, therefore GekkoBot does not compromise privacy.

What is the source of GekkoBot's information?

GekkoBot is based on the database of ChatGPT. 

  • For the Dutch version we have set GekkoBot so that when answering your tax questions the Bot will always consult the website of the Belastingdienst. 
  • For the Belgian version we have set GekkoBot so that the Bot will consult the website of the Belgian FOD Financiën when answering your tax questions. 
  • For questions about Gekko, GekkoBot will consult the Gekko website.

Is all the information provided by GekkoBot correct?

We cannot 100% guarantee that all GekkoBot information is correct. Especially for answering financial questions, the GekkoBot is very smart, but in some cases the GekkoBot may also provide information that is not correct. In case of doubt, always consult a specialist, or contact Gekko's support at

Can I disable/remove GekkoBot?

Should you not want to use GekkoBot, you can ignore this new feature. Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove GekkoBot in its entirety as a feature from your Gekko account.

Have you opened GekkoBot and want to close it again? Then click on the cross at the top right of the page or click again on GekkoBot itself (at the top in yellow).

Why is GekkoBot in Beta?

GekkoBot is currently still a feature in Beta. This means that GekkoBot is an experimental service and Gekko cannot guarantee that all of GekkoBot's information is accurate. In addition, GekkoBot is only available to free Gekko Basic users on a limited basis. If you want to submit unlimited questions to GekkoBot, consider upgrading to Gekko Premium.

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