Costs: Mixed Use

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Have you purchased goods or services that you use both for business and personal purposes? Then these costs fall under mixed use. It is not allowed for your business to deduct VAT for the private use of your goods or services. Keep this in mind when saving your costs in Gekko.


You purchased a mobile phone for €864.30 including 21% VAT. When you enter this receipt and click on the 21% VAT calculator when storing your costs, it calculates that there is €150 at 21% VAT on your receipt.

The only problem is that you use your mobile phone both for business and personal use. You assume that you will use your mobile phone for 50% private use. That seems reasonable.

If you use your costs for 50% business, then you are only allowed to deduct 50% of the VAT in your VAT return. However, the calculator calculates the full 21% of your costs when entering your expenses. How do we solve this?

In the event that you're going to use your costs for 50% business, you'll need to manually calculate the VAT yourself. Then, adjust the calculated VAT amount of your costs manually.

By manually adjusting the 21% VAT amount based on private use, you ensure that the VAT for your costs is accurate in your VAT report.

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